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Animal statues, including an Elephant Family and Paper Weight Frog, are crafted from brass, featuring polished finishes and varying dimensions. Available in assorted colors, they boast eco-friendly, hygienic, and fireproof standards, with easy installation and cleaning. These statues offer a diverse range of decorative options while maintaining practical benefits.
Buddhist God and Goddess Statue
Buddhist God and Goddess statues, crafted from brass, vary in height and depict sitting or standing positions. With polished finishes, they embody religious reverence. These sculptures offer easy-to-instal & clean, eco-friendly, and recyclable features, alongside fireproof standards and hygienic qualities, catering to spiritual devotion with practical benefits.
Lord Ganesha Statues
Lord Ganesha statues, made up of brass, reflect religious devotion with polished finishes. Come in varied heights & widths, they boast features like recyclability, easy installation and cleaning, hygienic qualities, fireproof standards, and eco-friendliness, embodying cultural significance while offering practical benefits for worship and decoration.

Diya /Oil Lamps
Diya/Oil Lamps, made of polished brass, exude traditional charm. With dimensions typically around DIA-4CM inches, they offer easy cleaning, installation, and eco-friendly, recyclable features. These fireproof lamps maintain hygienic standards while illuminating spaces with cultural significance, embodying timeless craftsmanship and practical benefits for religious rituals or decorative purposes.
Locks, crafted from metal, primarily brass, vary in dimensions and weight (25-250 grams). Emulating antique styles, they feature polished finishes, offering both security and aesthetic appeal. With varied themes, these locks serve functional purposes while adding a touch of nostalgic charm to doors, cabinets, and chests.
Temple Hanging Belts
Temple Hanging Belts, plated with brass, reflect Indian religious style. Polished for a gleaming finish, they weigh 50-250 grams, offering eco-friendly, hygienic, and fireproof features. These recyclable belts are easy to install and clean, catering to temple aesthetics while ensuring practical benefits for maintenance and environmental sustainability.
Statues, reflecting Indian regional style, are kinds of religious sculptures crafted from metal, primarily brass, polished to a gleaming finish. Adorned with vibrant multicolors, they depict Hindu themes, weighing 200-500 gms with different dimensions. These intricately crafted pieces serve as sacred symbols of devotion, embodying cultural heritage and spiritual significance.
Hindu God and Goddess Statue
Hindu God and Goddess statues, crafted from durable brass and polished for a captivating finish, exhibit lively appearances with good texture. Varying in height (measured in millimeters), these kinds of statues are fireproof, easy to clean, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and longevity, making them cherished symbols of devotion and cultural heritage.
Radha & Krishna Statues
Radha & Krishna statues, measuring 762 millimeters (30 inches) in height and weighing 57.100kg, are crafted from polished brass. These eco-friendly statues boast easy cleaning, hygienic standards, and recyclable features. They are fireproof, ensuring safety, while their ease of installation makes them ideal for both worship and decoration purposes.
Nataraja Statues
Nataraja statues, made up of chosen brass, stand at 685.8 millimeters. These religious icons boast eco-friendly features, fireproof standards, and easy cleaning. With hygienic qualities and recyclability, they offer both spiritual significance and practical benefits. Polished for a radiant finish, they are easy to install, embodying timeless beauty and cultural reverence.
Tibetan Singing Bowl
Tibetan Singing Bowls, cast from brass and polished for a gleaming finish, weigh 500-1000 grams. Available in various colors like brown, golden, green, red, or blue, they serve as gifts or decorations. With dimensions varying in millimeters, these metal bowls produce soothing sounds, offering both aesthetic appeal and therapeutic benefits.
Musical Sets
Musical sets, crafted from metal, mainly brass, serve as statues with varying heights in millimeters. These types of sets boast eco-friendly features, ease of cleaning, hygienic standards, and recyclability. With fireproof standards and convenient installation, they offer both musical enjoyment and practicality, catering to a large range of artistic and functional needs.

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